Friday, October 2, 2015


In August, for our anniversary we headed to Bend Oregon for a week! It was such an amazing get away! We had so much fun! We stayed at such a fun resort, and loved just being with the four of us. We went for bike rides, swam, shopped, ate at amazing places, and for the most part relaxed as a family. It was perfect and just what we needed. It was a great time. I loved the Old Mill District we spent a lot of time shopping there. The kids both loved the pools and riding in the bike trailer. We had a great time. Family time is the best time.

 All packed up and ready for a great week ahead! I love celebrating our marriage, because it is so special to me. I love our {mostly at home} date nights, and late night talks and the little things we do for each other daily, that make our marriage so fun and enjoyable. So thankful that Alex is the love of my life and the one I get to share my life with forever.

 Our backyard over looked the golf course and lake.. so pretty.
 All ready to hit the pool.

 Late night swim!
 hanging our with these sweet loves on the back porch.

 movie time.

 Kensley all ready for night nights.

 Happy six months, baby girl!

 We all just adore her.

 Kensley and Paysen all ready for our gorgeous bike ride.
 Our resort had the best bike trails!

 We all had so much fun riding each day.

 Paysen was always ready to hit the pool.

 Our little watermelon girl!

 We had the pool always to ourselves for the most part.. It was great.
 Cant believe it has been four years!
 He is the best daddy!

 My boys.

 Warming up in the hot tub.. It was nice that it wasnt super hot so the kids could go in. :)

 Headed to the Mill Creek District, for some serious shopping!

 Love this girl.

 I love relaxing!

 I love this family of mine.

 Sound asleep.

 Such a great view!

 My worn out boy!

 Such a cutie.

 Splash park fun.

 snack time.

 The lake.

 He went inside with dad, and came out with his pockets full of candy! :)

 Amazing view.

 Happy Four Years love! Its been a great adventure so far.

 I love what we have created in four years.

 Costco date! We all love Costco so it was fitting.. :)

 Cant believe this was four years ago! Such a perfect day.
 We did some shopping and then came back and hit the pool till dinner time.
 Kens lounging.
 She is just too much.

 Ready for dinner.

 Love this sun bathing, swimming loving girl!

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